Love our Swish Web Care service and feel that others could benefit from it?

Why not earn a recurring monthly income by referring others?

By signing up for our free affiliate program, you will get 30% of the amount paid to us for each person you refer, every month that they are a customer with us (except for the 1st month as this is a 30 day free trial period).

It's a great way for you to share our service with your friends, family and work collegues, so that they get the benefits and peace of mind that you do, while earning a monthly recurring incoming at the same time!

To sign up, just go here, and an affiliate account will be created for you.


1. How much will I make from promoting your service?

There is no limit to the monthly income you can generate - the more people sign up via your affiliate link, the more you will make. Each service that you sign up (whether it is the Standard, Premium or Ultimate package), you will receive a whopping 30%, every month (except the first month which is a 30 day free trial).

2. What work do I need to do once someone signs up via my affiliate link?

None! 🙂 Once they sign up via your affiliate link, we take over from there - how easy is that? 🙂

3. What system do we you use for your affiliate program?

We use ThriveCart. When you sign up, you will receive a ThriveCart login (or if you already have a ThriveCart account, you will continue to use that account), and this is where you will be able to access your affiliate dashboard to track your commissions.

4. On the affiliate sign up form, it only mentions the Standard package to be a affiliate for - but I want to be able to refer all three packages to my friends. Can you advise?

You will still be able to get affiliate commissions for all three of our services (Standard, Premium and Ultimate) - it is just the way that ThriveCart handles the affiliate sign up process.

5. How and when will I get paid?

The funds will be deposited automatically into your Paypal Business account 7 days after we receive the customer payment each month.

6. I don't have a Paypal account - what do I do?

You just need to sign up for a free Paypal Business account here: (and select 'Business'). 

7. I have a Paypal account, however it is a 'Personal' account, not a 'Business Account' - how do I upgrade it?

You can only upgrade your personal account to a business account if you are a sole trader. For all other business types, you’ll need to open a new business account with a different email address and bank account.

Here's how you can upgrade your PayPal account:

a. Log in to your PayPal account.
b. Click the Business Profile icon at the top right corner of the page.
c. Click Update next to "Business information".

8. How do I connect my Paypal account to my ThriveCart account?

Just log into your ThriveCart account, click on a product, then click on the red button that says 'Paypal: Inactive' , and then click 'Connect your Paypal account', and then enter your Paypal email address and password, and then click 'I give permission'. It's as simple as that 🙂

9. What happens when a customer I referred cancels their subscription.

Once a customer that you referred via your affiliate link cancels their subscription, you will no longer receive commissions for that customer.

10. How do I get someone to signup via my affiliate link?

You just need to provide them your unique affiliate web address. You can access this by going logging into your ThriveCart account, clicking on 'Products', click on the 'Standard package', and your affiliate link will appear at the bottom of the page (where it says 'Your affiliate link').

You can then provide this link to people you know via email, social media etc. 

When they go to the link, it will redirect them to our pricing page ( where they can select any of the three packages, and the sale will get attributed to your affiliate account.

11. Where do I log in to track my commissions?

You can log into ThriveCart here:

12. I don't want to go through the affiliate sign up process - can you just set up for me?

Yes, that is no dramas - just contact us here and we will sort out for you 🙂