Maintenance, security, backups and ongoing support for your WordPress website


"Swish Web Care is great! It offers me peace of mind knowing our website is backed up, secure, maintained and available to our clients at all times."
~ Brett


"I love the extra peace of mind Swish Web Care provides and the useful data I receive each month in my inbox. Thanks Anthony for keeping my website updated, fast and secure."
 ~ Cheree


"I've required support several times over the last 18 months, it has always been prompt and all my issues have been resolved."
~ Pat

Insurance for your business's most valuable asset

Today, more than ever, the success of your business is reliant on your website's ability to be fast, secure and available 24/7. If your website is one of the 75 million in the world that have been built on the WordPress platform, you're in luck! WordPress is stable, secure and SEO-friendly ... so long everything on your website is kept up to date and backed up. Unfortunately - most people don't keep their WordPress websites up to date ... and don't have backups. This is placing their business at risk.


"Having this service allows me to focus on what I do and not be concerned with the back end issues that I really have no clue about when it comes to my website. With so much dubious activity on websites now, I find it hard to determine what is real and what is spam and having this service alleviates most of that worry for me."

~ Andrew


Daily updates to close security holes in your WordPress platform, theme or plugin code as they occur

At least daily backups to a remote location + multiple backups always kept on hand to provide peace of mind

If something goes weird with your site, quickly and easily restore from remote backups with just one click

Monthly reports to keep you up to date with exactly what's happening on your site